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GerOil Oil and Gas Products is a specialist industrial distributor and oilfield services provider!

Engineering & Project Management

Preparation of Conceptual Design, FEED (Front End Design) and Detail Design work with core discipline engineering services that includes.
gas treatment

Project Management

Single focal point - Project Manager.
Review of Client Inputs.
Scope Finalization - Project Execution Methodology/Procedure.
Schedule Review and Update.
Project Control and Monitoring - Knowledge sharing from previous projects, Client Approval, Reviews and Workshops, Quality Audit and Assurance.
Project close out.
Client feedback.


Process Engineering

Concept studies
Field development planning
Commissioning and Operating manuals
Operations Trouble shooting
Process Engineering for Greenfield and Brownfield projects
* PFDs    * P & IDs    * Heat & Mass Balance (HMBT)    * Utility Consumption Schedule
* Process Description Line List    * Line Hydraulics & Sizing    * Hydraulic Calculation   * PSV Calculation
* Process GA Drawing   * Operation & Maintenance Manual Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Procedures.

Air Compressor Package

Mechanical Engineering

Equipment Data Sheets
Mechanical Design of Equipment i.e. Pressure Vessels, tank etc.
Mechanical GA Drawing and detailed drawings
Finite Element Analysis
Procurement Engineering, MR's, TBE .


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Design Basis               Wiring Diagrams
Electrical Specifications                Cable Schedules
Single Line Diagram                 Electrical Bulk MTO
Electrical Load List                 Hazardous Area Classification
Energy Requirement Calculations          E-Hazop
Data Sheets for Electrical Equipment's          3D Modelling
Lighting Layout                   Procurement Engineering, MR's, TBE.
Lighting Junction Box Schedule.


Instrumentation Engineering

Instrument design basis               DCS/IPS Termination Diagram
Instrument specifications                Control Valve Sizing
Instrument Index                   Instrument Bulk MTO
Instrument Data Sheets                SIL study
Instrument Hook-up Drawings             3D Modelling
Instrument Hard Wired I/O Schedule           F&G Layouts
Junction Box Schedule                 Procurement Engineering, MR's, TBE.


Piping Engineering

Piping Design Basis               Piping Stress analysis
Piping Classifications               Piping Isometrics
Piping Specifications                Piping Plan and Elevation Drawings
Equipment Layout/Plot Plan           Pipe Support Details
3D Modelling                    Piping MTO
Piping Specialty items                Procurement Engineering, MR's, TBE


Civil/Structural Engineering

Civil & Structural design basis          Structural Modelling
Civil & Structural specifications          Structural Drawings for On-shore & Off-shore
Foundation design                 Lifting Arrangements
Structural Analysis                 Transportation Analysis
Weight Control Report             3D Modelling


Safety Engineering

Safety design basis
Safety cases & studies
Workshops Hazop/Hazid
Specification and Datasheet for safety equipment's